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Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 77r5 by tmont: notes on no. 3
Running From the Gypsies13r2 by tmont: enumerate more of things that were terrible
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 662r11 by tmont: grahpics for no. 4
Bach - Fugue in C Minor - Well-Tempered Clavier Book I59r4 by tmont: buy why so fast?
Bach - Prelude in C♯ Major296r4 by tmont: added "Bach" category
Blackmore's Night - Memmingen106r7 by tmont: include artist name in the title
Apreggio Prelude55r1 by tmont: Created page
Phlegethon99r5 by tmont: removed footnotes indications from plato quote
Chopin - Étude Op. 10, No. 1280r1 by tmont: Created page
Chopin - Scherzo No. 2 in B♭ Minor - Arpeggios105r4 by tmont: added Chopin category
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 5130r8 by tmont: graphics for no. 4
Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown part 3115r4 by tmont: more detail
Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown part 282r1 by tmont: Created page
Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown97r2 by tmont: it's the 26th in the series not the 27th
Tantric - Astounded - Solo151r4 by tmont: citing my sources
Winger - Easy Come Easy Go - Solo134r2 by tmont: big band 2
Avenged Sevenfold - Betrayed - Solo127r2 by tmont: fixed misspelling
Stone Temple Pilots - Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart - Solo218r5 by tmont: my bass part was neat
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine - Solo162r2 by tmont: it wasn't the penultimate
Blind Melon - Seed to a Tree - Solo147r2 by tmont: bee girl screenshot
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train - Solo145r1 by tmont: Created page
Extreme - Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) - Solo217r4 by tmont: tablature note
Metallica - Sad but True - Solo233r5 by tmont: link to wikipedia page for the black album
Dream Theater - Forsaken - Solo215r2 by tmont: petrucci wrote the lyrics
Boston - More Than a Feeling - Solo220r4 by tmont: added missing possessive apostrophe
Alice in Chains - Them Bones - Solo252r4 by tmont: fixed description
From the shadowed heart17530r12 by tmont: note about wiki page footer links
Sites741r7 by tmont: added crystalis screenshot site
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 4338r13 by tmont: fixed grammatical error
ImageMagick Snippets255r3 by tmont: alternative pixel art scaling
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven - Solo381r4 by tmont: fixed typos
Sorting algorithms visualized293r3 by tmont: use rem instead of px for hardcoded gap
Transcription of "The Moon" from DuckTales339r6 by tmont: added link to info about "The Moon"
Transcribing the music of Die in the Dungeon296r7 by tmont: more info on v1.5.0 update
Music264r4 by tmont: link to music category
Code Swarm233r3 by tmont: added legacy category
ffmpeg snippets364r6 by tmont: removed extraneous stuff from example
Video Game Feats621r12 by tmont: not site meta
Code390r2 by tmont: not site meta
Transcribing the music of Rogue Fable III329r7 by tmont: removed 2022 music project category
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend - Transcription474r8 by tmont: removed 2022 music project category
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 1 - A Review513r10 by tmont: removed 2022 music project category
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 3371r12 by tmont: fixed typo
Contact580r4 by tmont: added link to contact form
David Lanz - Skyline Firedance Suite163r2 by tmont: added missing parentheses
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 1812r29 by tmont: added another series
Chopin's Mazurkas - Part 2498r14 by tmont: added another series
npmcheck.js44r3 by tmont: put </code> in correct spot
Chopin - Scherzo No. 1 - Coda216r3 by tmont: tweaked title to be more consistent with other similar page titles
Jon Schmidt - All of Me164r1 by tmont: Created page
Transcribing the music of Monster Clearer196r2 by tmont: reworded opening sentence
License704r3 by tmont: oxford comma
MIT License235r1 by tmont: Created page
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License242r3 by tmont: added sections 7 & 8
PHP on Win64216r2 by tmont: added categories
Personal website timeline238r2 by tmont: added screenshot of quadrants
About Glacius728r3 by tmont: formatting
Reddit Clone Experiment244r2 by tmont: hr -> h3
Fluent DOM Manipulation in JavaScript459r2 by tmont: h3 -> h2
About1008r2 by tmont: h3 -> h2
Configure NHibernate With Embedded Resource304r2 by tmont: use glacius:figure element
BLARGH!!10502r8 by tmont: blargg'd
array_flatten()246r1 by tmont: Created page
Error Handling in Node.js420r1 by tmont: Created page
Constructors should not have side effects583r1 by tmont: Created page
A Convenient Way to Write a jQuery Plugin266r1 by tmont: Created page
Uploading to S3 in Bash5670r1 by tmont: Created page
Writing to the syslog with Winston997r1 by tmont: Created page
Eventline: Beautify Your Life300r1 by tmont: Created page
Refactoring a switch statement626r1 by tmont: Created page
Firefox is master of the beard line289r2 by tmont: fixed link to opera example
The Etymology of Lifting329r1 by tmont: Created page
What is my fucking IP address and fun with nginx's echo module418r2 by tmont: info -> xyz
Jarvis: Another JavaScript Unit Testing Framework241r1 by tmont: Created page
Simple classical inheritance in JavaScript251r1 by tmont: Created page
404 on nginx 1.0.2 and Mono260r1 by tmont: Created page
Argopt: Command line argument parsing in .NET250r1 by tmont: Created page
Introducing Sunlight243r1 by tmont: Created page
Determining if an Open Generic Type IsAssignableFrom a Type1329r1 by tmont: Created page
Non-magic property injection in Unity295r2 by tmont: added categories
LINQ Walk233r1 by tmont: Created page
string.Format() in PHP292r2 by tmont: don't use my own name in examples
Extracting a Directory into its Own Subversion Repository289r2 by tmont: added "Legacy blog posts" category
Running a Subversion Server on Windows347r6 by tmont: added "Subversion" category
Conditional gzipping with Apache280r1 by tmont: Created page
A Veritable Bastion207r1 by tmont: Created page