Here are a few of my publicly available coding projects. Some of them suck, others of them suck a little more. Some are actually pretty okay.

  • MIDI Parser - A library that parses a MIDI file
  • Butterfly - A markup language similar to Markdown, only better. But less ubiquitous.
  • Argopt - Command-line argument parsing for .NET
  • Jarvis - A unit testing framework for the browser and Node.js
  • nginx-conf - A library to interact programmatically with an nginx config file
  • lliw - A dead simple library to add ANSI color escapes to strings
  • looger - A dead simple library logging library
  • sahara - A full-featured dependency injection container library for Node.js
  • goa - An express wrapper to enable a sort of MVC-like structure to Node server apps.
  • Sunlight - client-side syntax highlighter
  • html-parser - HTML parser for Node.js
  • audio-metadata - fast, small and efficient metadata extractor for MP3 and OGG
  • Stanley - single-file hideous Bash script that generates a static status/uptime site
  • wikivgdb - really nasty script that generates a SQLite database from video game pages on Wikipedia
  • analbum - album navigator and music player for the web