Transcribing the music of Die in the Dungeon

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Update (): Die in the Dungeon received an update which added a bunch of new music, so this article no longer applies to the publicly visible game. The music this article is referring to is from v1.4.1. This music was replaced starting from v1.5.0 (released ).

Once again I got mildly obsessed with a short video game and felt compelled to transcribe its music (see similar sentiments for Monster Clearer and Rogue Fable III). This game has only one tune and it's quite simple: not a lot of polyphony and lots of repeated parts. One unique thing about it is that it's very atonal.

Die in the Dungeon is a deck-building roguelite where you traverse floors of a dungeon fighting insects as a frog knight of some sort. I'm a little unclear on the lore. The distinguishing characteristic (aside from the frog lore) is instead of cards your deck is comprised of dice. And now the title turns from meh to spectacular.

Die in the Dungeon was created by Jaun Gardener (programming), @alartsf (art), and @yomellamoyorch (programming). Music in v1.4.1 (as featured in this article) composed by Adrián González. Music in v1.5.0 (not featured in this article) composed by AFRODISIAQO.


Gameplay from Die in the Dungeon

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Music from Die in the Dungeon by Adrián González
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Transcription sample for music from Die in the Dungeon