A Veritable Bastion

And so for whom I’ll ne’er so oft forget
That once we laughed so gay. The times, we writ,
Would ne’er remember our so-sweet refrain.
The times we spent, to have them back again,
Would be as if we ne’er succumbed to all
That we desired. But lo! Before the fall
And ’fore the sands of time begin their own
Descent, I’ll sit upon my own dark throne.
I will forget your tears as once you did
Forget mine own. And when alone, amid
The grey, I sought your love to keep me sane,
But it was out of reach. And ripped in twain
I sit, among the clouds; only regret
Remains. And once all that we did beget
Is lost fore’er among that heav’nly track,
I’ll ne’er forget I’ll never get you back.