Avenged Sevenfold - Betrayed - Solo

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This solo is pretty short and sweet, but it sounds kinda cool. I'm also listening to a lot more Avenged Sevenfold lately, which has been fun. I've kind of been sleeping on these guys for the past 15 years.

betrayed-solo-book.jpeg (image/jpeg, 853x480, 55,790 bytes)
Transcription of the solo from the 2005 album City of Evil

I did a lot more hammering-on and pulling-off than Synyster Gates does, but I think that's okay because he's more talented than I am.


Cover of Synyster Gates' solo from Betrayed

betrayed-ardour-hydrogen-thumb.jpeg (image/jpeg, 960x270, 37,591 bytes)
Screenshot of my Ardour/Hydrogen setup