Bach - Fugue in C Minor - Well-Tempered Clavier Book I

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I've recorded one Bach Prelude and I guess now it was time for a fugue. I remember learning this prelude and fugue in junior high and the photocopy my piano teacher gave me had the words "Amy Grant" circled in the margins. I didn't really care at the time as I did not celebrate Amy Grant's entire catalog, but later in life after YouTube was invented I was curious and discovered that her totally subtly-titled song Sing Your Praise to the Lord prominently featured this fugue in the intro.

And then 25 years later I'm just reminded of how difficult it is to memorize a Bach fugue.

Check out another stank face as I flub what is obviously the most difficult part of the piece:

35-bach-fugue-cminor-hard-part.png (image/png, 498x150, 11,242 bytes)
I think we can all agree that this part is total bullshit.

I should have used a metronome since I vastly overestimated how fast 80 BPM is. Which is why I'm playing it at hyperspeed. It's honestly kinda fun to play at this speed, but it doesn't sound as good.

Me performing Bach's Fugue in C minor from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I (recorded on )