Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown

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And yet again I found myself mildly obsessed with a short video game and felt compelled to transcribe its music. This time around it's a samurai-themed roguelike called Shogun Showdown by Roboatino.

After my flurry of guitar-related recordings the past 13ish weeks, I decided I needed a break. Unfortunately I was very lazy and only transcribed one of the tunes, but I shall get to the others at some point. I've got 26 weeks to go in 2022.

All music in this game was composed by xDeviruchi. The set of music he composed is actually available for free to download (or you can pay if you want to, which I did because I appreciate good music) on his page.


Gameplay from Shogun Showdown

Title Theme

Music from Shogun Showdown by xDeviruchi
26-shogun-showdown-title-sample.png (image/png, 826x595, 20,918 bytes)
Transcription sample for music from the title screen of Shogun Showdown