Tantric - Astounded - Solo

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The most interesting thing about Tantric is the beef between them and Travis Meeks. Meeks and Tantric minus the singer were in a band called Days of the New that released an album that was very successful… when they were all teenagers in 1997. After the success of the album, Meeks (who was the lead singer and songwriter) kicked everyone else out of the band and then made a couple more Days of the New albums that weren't as good as the first.

Meanwhile, the other three (former) members of Days of the New found another douchebag singer in Hugo Ferreria and formed Tantric, which was basically Days of the New but with slightly more electric guitars. Tantric's first album went platinum, but their followup(s) didn't have as much success, and the band eventually broke up.

By far my favorite part of this saga was this quote by Meeks in an interview with Howard Stern:

Later, in 2002, Meeks called in to The Howard Stern Show and was asked by Stern why he didn't stick with the original members. He replied, "They had no spirituality. They had no brains." When Stern pointed out, "They had hits!" he gave the vague response, "That's not what I'm into. I'm into the truth."1

astounded-solo-book.jpeg (image/jpeg, 853x480, 52,408 bytes)
Transcription of the Astounded solo from the 2001 album Tantric


Tuning is double drop D. The electric solo is honestly pretty sloppy, but I didn't feel like doing more takes.

Cover of Todd Whitener's solo from Astounded

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Screenshot of my Ardour/Hydrogen setup

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