Running a Subversion Server on Windows

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This needs to be in more places on the internet. I'm sick of googling it every time I can't remember the stupid command.

  1. Download the zipped up version of Subversion, and put it somewhere, say, c:\lib\svn
  2. Create your subversion repository: c:\lib\svn\bin\svnadmin create c:\path\to\repo
  3. Type this, and the equals sign spacing is extremely intentional:

    sc create subversion binpath= "c:\lib\svn\bin\svnserve.exe --service --root c:\path\to\repo" start= auto depend= Tcpip displayname= "Subversion Server"
  4. Type this: c:\lib\svn\bin\svn info svn://localhost
  5. Profit.

If you see this:

Path: localhost
URL: svn://localhost
Repository Root: svn://localhost
Repository UUID: b2faa4b0-80f5-4142-907f-0accf209a4de
Revision: 0
Node Kind: directory
Last Changed Rev: 0
Last Changed Date: 2009-06-16 14:01:41 -0700 (Tue, 16 Jun 2009)

a winner is you.

If you suck and screwed it up, delete the service by running sc delete subversion.