David Lanz - Skyline Firedance Suite

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I grew up playing the music of David Lanz. I have many fond memories of playing stuff out of the book with his gigantic face on the cover.

david-lanz-face.jpeg (image/jpeg, 224x300, 8,454 bytes)
The eyes seem to follow you…

That particular collection contains a trilogy of songs that form what is apparently called Skyline Firedance Suite, which sounds pretty rad. This week I brushed up on my New Age piano playing skills and recorded myself performing them. As usual, I played them all too fast, but what's the point of playing stuff if you don't play everything too fast?

Also, sorry about the feet in the first one. I thought it was a weird angle for looking at bare feet so I put on some shoes in the subsequent recording sessions.

Prelude to the Dance

Me playing David Lanz's Prelude to the Dance (recorded on )

The Setting of Two Suns

Me playing David Lanz's The Setting of Two Suns (recorded on )


Me playing David Lanz's Firedance (recorded on )