These are websites that I've built or fooled around with in way or another that live on my servers.

  • The 7th Saga - I got really into the SNES game The 7th Saga for a while and I made this site which helps with strategizing your way through the game. Yeah.
  • Argopt - Argument parsing library for .NET.
  • Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday - 336 screenshots of this beautiful(-ish) Sega Genesis game.
  • Butterfly - My own personal Markdown killer.
  • COVID-19 stats - Fast-loading COVID-19 data because all the other sites were too slow. Updated every day from Johns Hopkins data.
  • Crystalis randomizer tracker - Item/location tracker for the Crystalis randomizer
  • Crystalis screenshots - 1200 screenshots of the NES game Crystalis
  • I AM ERROR. generator - Generates an image of the famous Zelda II character with a custom message
  • I Have a Dream Speech - Text of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
  • JarBag - A no-JavaScript experimental feed reader/manager thing. Full of bugs and the Let's Encrypt cert doesn't reload nginx automatically so I have to manually go in and reload the nginx service and I usually forget so it might show a scary cert warning. Meh.
  • Jarvis - JavaScript unit testing library that I no longer support.
  • Loom - 864 screenshots of the Lucasfilm game Loom
  • - A website where you can listen/download/view my music.
  • PHP MIDI Parser - MIDI parsing library written in PHP. I was really excited about MIDI for a hot minute and wrote a library and then made it a website.
  • - Shows your IP address without ads or other garbage.
  • Sunlight - A client-side syntax-highlighting library I wrote.
  • URMOM IS UGLY. - Needs no explanation