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My name is Tommy and this is my website. I live somewhere in the United States and am currently between the ages of 30 and 50. I can't be more specific as that would undoubtedly ruin the mystery.

My main hobbies are music and programming. There are numerous things to look at related to those two topics on this site. Or there will be once I create them.

Some facts

  • My web handle is generally tmont or some variation unless it was already taken.
  • These days I mostly write JavaScript, although in the past I've written a great deal of PHP and C♯.
  • I play piano and guitar. Sometimes I sing but I'm far less proficient at it.
  • I prefer TABs to spaces but these days spaces is just easier and I'm too old for that kind of shit.
  • Curly braces should definitely go on the same line.
  • Dark mode is superior to light mode.
  • SQLite is my favorite database, although Postgres is generally what I reach for in real-world situations. This site uses SQLite.
  • I use Linux. Currently I'm using Pop!_OS with XFCE but I prefer Xubuntu.
  • I like to tell people I was a professional musician because I did some accompaniment back in high school and I had to fill out a W-4 so they could pay me legally. If you got paid for it, you're a professional.
  • I was into speedrunning back before it was cool less lame, circa 2004—2007. I held several world records but they've all since been shattered.

Other info