Eventline: Beautify Your Life

This article was originally published in my blog (affectionately referred to as blargh) on . The original blog no longer exists as I've migrated everything to this wiki.

The original URL of this post was at https://tmont.com/blargh/2013/12/eventline-beautify-your-life. Hopefully that link redirects back to this page.

After reading a Hacker News post about a demo of a little project called Life by Lim Chee Aun, I was inspired to create my own version of it. You can view it in action here.

Eventline example

Eventline was actually something I've had an idea for for a while, but never really had the proper motivation to do something about it. After my recent site redesign, I wanted some actual content, as well as a sort of resume/biographical page that wasn't just a bunch of paragraphs about how I like JavaScript. This turned out to be a much more interesting way of conveying that information.

I only tested in Chrome and Firefox, because I generally only test stuff in IE if I'm getting paid to do so. The library depends on the dateformat convenience library (mostly due to my own personal laziness with mucking around with dates). Pull requests are always welcome.