Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown part 2

This article is part 27 of 52 in the 2022 music project series.
This article is part 2 of 3 in the Shogun Showdown transcription series.
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Wherein I continue to transcribe the music of Shogun Showdown by Roboatino. This time around it's The Icy Cave. It's a banger.

All music in this game was composed by xDeviruchi. The set of music he composed is actually available for download on his page.

The Icy Cave

Music from Shogun Showdown by xDeviruchi
27-shogun-showdown-icy-cave-sample.png (image/png, 826x652, 23,954 bytes)
Transcription sample for music from the main levels of Shogun Showdown