Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown[source]

    <title>Transcribing the music of Shogun Showdown</title>
    <description>I transcribed the music from the game "Shogun Showdown"</description>
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    <series order="26">2022 music project</series>
    <series order="1">Shogun Showdown transcription</series>
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    <glacius:link page="music/projects/music-of-rogue-fable-iii-transcribed">again</glacius:link>
    I found myself mildly obsessed with a short video game and felt compelled
    to transcribe its music. This time around it's a samurai-themed roguelike
    called <a href=""><em>Shogun Showdown</em></a>
    by <em>Roboatino</em>.
    After my flurry of <glacius:link category="Guitar">guitar</glacius:link>-related
    recordings the past 13ish weeks, I decided I needed a break. Unfortunately I was
    very lazy and only transcribed one of the tunes, but I shall get to the others at
    some point. I've got 26 weeks to go in 2022.
    All music in this game was composed by 
    <a href="">xDeviruchi</a>. The set of music
    he composed is actually available for free to download (or you can pay if you
    want to, which I did because I appreciate good music) on his
    <a href=""> page</a>.
    <caption>Gameplay from <em>Shogun Showdown</em></caption>
<h2>Title Theme</h2>
<glacius:figure glacius:src="xdeviruchi-title-theme.ogg" type="audio">
    <caption>Music from <em>Shogun Showdown</em> by <em>xDeviruchi</em></caption>
<glacius:figure glacius:src="26-shogun-showdown-title-sample.png" type="image">
    <caption>Transcription sample for music from the title screen of <em>Shogun Showdown</em></caption>
        <glacius:link file="26-shogun-showdown-title.pdf">Transcription</glacius:link> (pdf)
        <glacius:link file="">Lilypond source</glacius:link>