Jon Schmidt - All of Me[source]

    <title>Jon Schmidt - All of Me</title>
    <description>I played "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt</description>
    <category>Music recording</category>
    <a href="">Jon Schmidt</a>'s piano solo
    <em>All of Me</em> became mildly viral back around 2010. I'm not sure why as I was a 
    few years late to the party, but I'm assuming it had to do with the composition
    calling for multiple forearm shivers.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="jon-schmidt-forearm-shiver.jpeg" type="image">
    <caption>Jon Schmidt heard the piano was talking trash</caption>
    I saw a few covers of it on YouTube, saw people smacking the piano around, and thought
    it looked like fun. So I bought the sheet music and played it myself.
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<glacius:figure glacius:src="all-of-me-cover.mp4" glacius:thumbnail="all-of-me-poster.jpeg" type="video">
        My cover of Jon Schmidt's <em>All of Me</em>, recorded on 
        <glacius:date value="2013-10-02" />.