Metallica - Sad but True - Solo[source]

    <title>Metallica - Sad but True - Solo</title>
    <description>My recording of the solo from Metallica's "Sad but True"</description>
    <category>Music recording</category>
    <series order="17">2022 music project</series>
    <em>Sad but True</em> is the 2nd track from Metallica's "sellout" 
    <a href="">self-titled album</a>,
    released in 1991. It's less thrash-metal and more... I don't know. <em>Better</em>
    metal. I wanted to do a solo from this album that wasn't <em>Enter Sandman</em>
    (although I may do that one, too, just for fun). Also, conveniently, this song
    is downtuned a whole step to D, just like
    <glacius:link page="music/projects/forsaken-solo">Dream Theater's <em>Forsaken</em></glacius:link>,
    so I didn't have to retune my guitar. And that's always a big win in my book.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="sad-but-true-book.jpeg" type="image">
        <em>Sad but True</em> solo from Metallica's "black" album
    I also didn't want to a true thrash-metal solo, as I'll need to practice
    my downstroking for the rhythm parts. I need to work my way up to that.
        Practicing my E-minor pentatonics while doing my best Kirk Hammett impression
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    Recorded in <a href="">Ardour</a>
    and <a href="">Hydrogen</a> was used to program
    the drum track.
    <caption>Screenshot of my Ardour/Hydrogen setup</caption>