Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend - Transcription[source]

    <title>Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend - Transcription</title>
    <description>Transcription of Robyn's song "Call Your Girlfriend"</description>
    <category>Music transcription</category>
    <series order="1">2022 music project</series>
    This is my first "music project" of 2022. After seeing 
    <a href="">this video</a> of Taran
    Killam re-enact <a href="">Robyn's
    music video</a> of <em>Call Your Girlfriend</em>, I became mildly obsessed.
    Let there be no doubt that it is a certified banger.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="taran-robyn-danceoff.jpeg">
    <caption>Taran Killam of SNL vs. Robyn of Sweden</caption>
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    And since for 2022 I wanted to try and do some kind of
    <glacius:link series="2022 music project">music project</glacius:link>
    every week I figured why not kick it off with a bang(er). So I decided to transcribe
    <em>Call Your Girlfriend</em> in all its glory.
    Like I generally do when doing casual transcriptions, I used
    <a href="">Frescobaldi</a>, which is a
    <a href="">Lilypond</a> editor.
    <caption>Frescobaldi in action</caption>
    I don't play/learn stuff by ear as much as I used to, and I'm definitely not as good at
    it as I once was. I ended up having to use YouTube's playback speed feature to play
    it back at 0.5x speed to figure out the pretty sweet synth solo in the middle.
    But otherwise I just listened to the song a million times and figured out the notes
    on my guitar.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="robyn-call-your-girlfriend-sample.png">
    <caption>Transcription sample</caption>
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        <glacius:link file="robyn-call-your-girlfriend.pdf">Transcription (PDF)</glacius:link>
        <glacius:link file="">Lilypond source</glacius:link>