Transcribing the music of Monster Clearer[source]

    <title>Transcribing the music of Monster Clearer</title>
    <description>I transcribed the music from the HTML5 game "Monster Clearer"</description>
    <category>Music transcription</category>
    <category>Video games</category>
    <series order="7">2022 music project</series>
    Similar to <glacius:link page="music/projects/music-of-rogue-fable-iii-transcribed">Rogue Fable 
    III</glacius:link>, the HTML5 game 
    <a href="">Monster Clearer</a> is
    another one to which I frequently return. It's a very simple
    turn-based RPG-type game where you click on monsters to kill them (or get killed by them).
    And that's pretty much it. I transcribed this game's background music.
    <em>Monster Clearer</em> was created by <strong>adventale</strong>.
<h2>Sample gameplay</h2>
<glacius:figure glacius:src="monster-clearer-gameplay-360p.mp4" glacius:thumbnail="monster-clearer-poster-360p.jpeg" type="video">
    <caption>Gameplay from <em>Monster Clearer</em></caption>
<h2>"Background" transcription</h2>
    I had a hard time deciding what the actual voices were. I went with Lute, Piano
    and Flute. I'm not sure what a Lute sounds like, but I've seen pictures. I used
    the nylon-string guitar MIDI voice and it sounded like something close enough.
    It might be actually be closer to a harp sound but whatever.
    Only two chords in this song, and for a monster-killing RPG-style game, it's
    surprisingly upbeat.
<glacius:grid cols="2">
        <glacius:figure glacius:src="monster-clearer-bgm-original.ogg" type="audio">
            <caption>Original background music from <em>Monster Clearer</em></caption>
        <glacius:figure glacius:src="07-monster-clearer.ogg" type="audio">
            <caption>MIDI &#x2192; OGG conversion of my transcription</caption>
<glacius:figure glacius:src="07-monster-clearer-sample.png" type="image">
    <caption>Transcription sample of the background music from <em>Monster Clearer</em></caption>
    <li><glacius:link file="07-monster-clearer.pdf">Transcription (pdf)</glacius:link></li>
    <li><glacius:link file="">Lilypond source</glacius:link></li>