Boston - More Than a Feeling - Solo[source]

    <title>Boston - More Than a Feeling - Solo</title>
    <description>My recording of the solo from Boston's "More Than a Feeling"</description>
    <category>Music recording</category>
    <series order="15">2022 music project</series>
    This week I recreated <a href="">Tom Scholz's</a>
    solo from <a href=""><em>More Than a Feeling</em></a>
    off the 1976 album <em>Boston</em>. I recall reading somewhere long ago
    that this solo sounded like "the national anthem of a small European country." And
    it totally does.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="more-than-a-feeling-book-480p.jpeg" type="image">
    <caption><em>More Than a Feeling</em> solo from Boston's debut album <em>Boston</em></caption>
    You can't truly appreciate the talent of Tom Scholz until you try to
    emulate his 1976 tone in 2022 and fail horribly. Although I'm probably
    the world's most uninterested-in-tone-chasing guitarist, so you can't
    probably infer much from this anecdote. But Scholz had an amazing guitar
    tone for such an early album.
        Me pretending to play my rendition of Tom Scholz's solo from <em>More Than a Feeling</em>
    I particularly like Tom Scholz's writing/recording style because he harmonizes and doubles
    a lot, which is similar to the way I like to do it.
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    Recorded in <a href="">Ardour</a>
    and <a href="">Hydrogen</a> was used to program
    the drum track.
    <caption>Screenshot of my Ardour/Hydrogen setup</caption>