Blackmore's Night - Memmingen[source]

    <title>Blackmore's Night - Memmingen</title>
        My recording of Blackmore's Night's "Memmingen"
    <category>Music recording</category>
    <series order="34">2022 music project</series>
    I first learned about <a href="'s_Night">Blackmore's 
    Night</a> by watching a YouTube video of some sweet gameplay of the pivotal
    tower defense game <a href="">Desktop
    Tower Defense</a>. Some dude was playing through the game with
    <a href=""><em>The Storm</em></a> as
    background music. I was mesmerized. Kind of.<glacius:cite>I tried to find
    this video on YouTube, and even though I found multiple 15-year-old Desktop TD
    gameplay videos I didn't find the one with <em>The Storm</em>. It was probably taken
    down for copyright violations. I remember the days when a man could just upload
    copyrighted material to the Internet and it wouldn't get taken down. Alas.</glacius:cite>
    It's pretty much exclusively 
    <a href="">Renaissance Faire</a> music,
    with old-timey lutes and stuff, but Blackmore can't escape his <em>Smoke on the Water</em>
    phase and he plays some mean licks on occasion.
    Anyway, <em>Memmingen</em> isn't one of those. It's just a short, 
    classical-inspired<glacius:cite>You know it's classical-inspired because it
    ends on the world's most obvious Picardy 3rd.</glacius:cite>
    acoustic guitar solo with some fake strings in the background. I'm assuming it's
    named after the German town <a href="">Memmingen</a>.
    <a href="">Blackmore</a> spent a lot of time
    in Germany at one point in his life according to Wikipedia.
<glacius:figure glacius:src="memmingen-book.jpeg" type="image">
    <caption><em>Memmingen</em> score via Japanese eBay</caption>
    Capo on II. Unlike every other <glacius:link category="Guitar">guitar</glacius:link>
    <glacius:link category="Music recording">recording</glacius:link> I've made, I actually
    recorded this one live. As usual, I half-assed the mixing so the bass is just kind
    of overblown, but I don't have the patience to twiddle those knobs.
        Cover of Ritchie Blackmore's <em>Memmingen</em> from <em>Blackmore's Night</em>'s debut
        album <em>Shadow of the Moon</em>.
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    <caption>Screenshot of my <a href="">Ardour</a> setup</caption>