Apreggio Prelude[source]

    <title>Apreggio Prelude</title>
        Recording of a piano solo I wrote called "Arpeggio Prelude"
    <category>Music recording</category>
    <series order="33">2022 music project</series>
    This is <glacius:link page="music/projects/phlegethon">another piano piece I wrote</glacius:link>
    a while ago and decided to practice a bit and record. The "working title" was
    <em>Arpeggio Prelude</em>, but I never got around to coming with a better name,
    and frankly I'm over it now, so I'll just stick with dumb name.
    And like <em>Phlegethon</em>, this is once again a bunch of right-hand arpeggios.
    I guess I have a niche.
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    A few mistakes here and there, but overall, good enough.
        Performance of my original piece <em>Arpeggio Prelude</em>
        <small>(recorded on <glacius:date value="2022-08-25" />)</small>
<glacius:figure glacius:src="arpeggio-prelude-transcription-sample.png" type="image">
    <caption>The beginning of the piece. The right hand gets a modest workout.</caption>
    <li><glacius:link file="arpeggio-prelude.pdf">Transcription (pdf)</glacius:link></li>
    <li><glacius:link file="arpeggio-prelude.ly">Lilypond source</glacius:link></li>